death in a time of facebook

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Then I see a news article that stops my breath. "Victim in fatal crash identified as head pastor of …' Above the headline is the name of a dear family friend. He officiated my wedding, buried my husband’s grandmother. He was my husband’s first boss and remained his mentor. For almost 20 years they had met for lunch and talked on the phone a few times a year. Now he was dead, killed this morning on a highway in our hometown.
And I find this out on Facebook."
Today I am over at Converge Magazine, sharing how social media affects the way we think, talk, and even grieve.  You can read the rest here.
If you followed the link from Converge, welcome!  You may be interested in what Legos taught me about Lent, or how my faith grew when I gave up searching for God's will.  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook or Twitter for new posts!

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