Is fear of change keeping you from the life you want?

Friday, January 31, 2014

I stood in the kitchen that Sunday morning and stared hopelessly at the stack of breakfast dishes. It was not yet 9:00a.m. and already I felt sad and exhausted. I couldn’t muster the energy to clean the counter, much less get my family ready and out of the door for church.  The past few months had been exhausting.  Something had to give ... 

Today I am honored to be a guest blogger for Allison Vesterfelt.  I'm sharing about the early days after my husband's accident, and what I had to give up before I could find peace again.  You can read more at  

If you followed the link from Allison's blog, welcome!  You may enjoy reading why I've given up on God's will, what can happen when people are for you, or the best thing my husband did for me last year.  So glad you're here!


  1. Hi, Stephanie! I followed the link over from Allison's blog. I really appreciate your words on expectations and change. I look forward to reading more!



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