an open letter to mothers of toddlers (the crazy kind)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Mother of a Crazy Toddler,

I swear, it's not you. And it does get easier.

It took me a while to have kids. My husband and I were married just out of college, but my husband traveled for work, and we put off children for a while. When we were ready, I had the shock of my life when I realized most of what I learned in high school health class was a scare tactic, and it's actually NOT that easy to get pregnant. A year later I had a miscarriage that shattered my heart. A year after THAT, I found out I was pregnant. Thirty nine long weeks, twelve hours of labor, and one emergency c-section later, I was finally a mother ...

I am guest blogging over at PardyMama today! Click here to read the rest.

If you are here from PardyMama, welcome. You may be interested in why I'm glad I don't have a stunt double (though some days I wish I did), why I'm so bad at letting my kids struggle, or how I think God sees us during the early baby days.

If you followed a link from Prodigal Magazine, and babies aren't really your thing, maybe you'd like to read why I gave up on God's will, or how my image of God is changing.

Either way, welcome.  We're glad you're here.

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