a list of great blogs and a winner of the MOPS contest

Monday, September 16, 2013


Here are the links to the mom blogs you recommended:

Momastery  (I love this one too)
Moxie Made
Simply Sanderson
The Happiness Project
Sisters Raising Sisters  (a real life friend, and fun and inspiring person)
Passionate Homemaking
Intentional Homeschool
Meager Words  (another real life friend, who also had a bunch of babies in a couple of years)
Play At Home Mom
Holy Experience
A Heart Surrendered
Women Living Well
Biblical Homemaking
Money Smart Family
The Marathon Mom
Gracefull Mama

And here are my favorites:

Conversion Diary      By far my favorite blog.  I love her perspective and humility and ability to laugh at the insanity of raising a bunch of little kids.  I relate so well to much of what she says.
Jen Hatmaker  She's just ... hysterical.  And Southern, and passionate about orphans and life and faith.  She has a way of making you laugh and inspiring you in exactly the same sentence.  If it has her name on it, I know I'm going to love it.
Like Mother, Like Daughter    Okay, so she loses me when she starts talking about crocheting.  But her perspective is still my favorite for parenting and building a home.  She raised seven children, and they all seem to like her and one another, which makes her a pretty credible source for advice, don't you think?
PardyMama  Another real life friend.  Actually, I think Emily may make an appearance here in the next few weeks.  She is fun, sassy, and grounded, and with two toddlers twenty months apart, she gets it.  I love her.
KiWords    Kira is an old-school blogger.  Remember when people used to write about their daily lives and kids without any sort of agenda at all, but just because they wanted to write?  She may be the last hold-out in that camp.  I feel as though I've watched her family grow up, I've been reading her blog so long, and her words are just so beautiful.  If Kira shows up in my feed, I never skip her post.
Faster Than Kudzu  She is not specifically a mom blogger, but really, if you're not reading Faster Than Kudzu, you miss out on the chance to laugh out loud three times a week.
Jody Landers   Jody is one of my heroes.  I always love her voice, and I love to hear more about her story.
Miracle of the Moment, also Open To Life (And God's Plan For It)  I am including them together because their blogs are very similar.  Kendra and Lisa have been online friends of mine for seven or eight years now, and I feel certain if we lived in the same community we would be real life friends as well.  They both keep sweet family blogs, and they both have amazing stories, if you need encouragement or camaraderie in dealing with infertility.

And the winner is ... 


Gwen, email me at, or leave a message on A Wide Mercy's Facebook page, and I will talk to you about the details of your free MOPS membership!

Thanks for playing everyone!  And thanks for the links.  I am looking forward to some new voices in my reader.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I feel exactly the same way.

  2. We would be real life friends. We'd meet up, without a stitch of make up, and drink coffee with peppermint mocha creamer together. =).

    And just a heads up...I have a post brewing that may or may not compare my 3.5 year olds to hysterical you may have to quit referring to my blog as a "sweet family" one.

    Excited to check out all these recommendations!



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