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Sunday, August 11, 2013

You guys.  Have you all been reading Prodigal Magazine and holding out on me?  I discovered this little gem Friday evening, and I couldn't put it down.  I read until nearly midnight, then spent most of the next day running back to the computer for just one more article.  It's an online magazine for storytellers, which means every post is a story.  This seems like such a simple concept: of course you're telling a story, isn't everyone online telling a story?  No, not really.  

Take this article as an example.  I bet I've read similar accounts posted thirteen different ways in the past ten years, and they usually sound dry, wordy, and trite.  But this woman told her story instead of reflecting on it, and I was captivated.  I LOVE this concept.  I love the way it engages us, draws us to consider our own lives.  What story do I have to tell, and how do I tell it better?  What is the conflict?  What are the characters doing?  Where is the resolution?  Seriously, if you read nothing else online today (and you know you will), check out Prodigal Magazine.  If you click over and are overwhelmed by the choices (and aren't willing to stay up until the wee hours reading every one, though really, you won't regret it if you do), here are a few of my favorites:

More Than You Can Handle
Mopping Haiti (by Jen Hatmaker - who never fails to crack me up and inspire me, often in the same sentence)
The Gay Community and That One Time Jesus Called Me the N-Word (written by a preacher, and told as a preacher speaks, which I enjoyed more than I expected)
Lady on the Sidewalk
The Color of God  (another great example of the difference between reflecting and storytelling.  Written in a different format, I would never have noticed this account at all.  As a story, it is beautiful).

You're welcome.


  1. I clicked on it the other day (following your facebook link...) and the first story I read was about a woman who is telling her story, attempting to let other gay people know fighting the gay (with Jesus by your side!!) really works and they should do it and overcome their sin. I didn't click anymore stories.

  2. I read the preacher one from someone else's link and really loved it too.

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