how {not} to measure success

Sunday, August 4, 2013

It seemed like a good idea.

So much to do before school starts.  I'll write it down, work through my list.  This is what responsible people do, right?

But that stupid list sabotaged my weekend.

When my husband meandered through a guitar shop, he cut into my time to work on my list.

When someone requested another snack, they were holding me back.

When the baby just. wouldn't. sleep., he interrupted my plans.

All day I snatched and snapped.  My family was in my way.

I forgot the first rule of mothering:

Growing people is my job.

The snack, the meandering, the baby on my hip - this is my life's work.

We fill out the papers that help us grow - the forms for enrichment programs, the phone calls securing lessons.  But they are only a means, not the measure of success.

Now it's Sunday morning, and sunlight streams into open windows.

There will be bike parks and morning naps and one more cup of coffee.

Our day will be filled with the time and movement that nourishes us

And I will grow people today.

Tomorrow I will pick up my list.



  1. So easy to let to dos control us! Thanks for the reminder.

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