Sunday, July 7, 2013

"We need more than reason or information to nourish our faith; we're built for firsthand experiences of God through things like the Eucharist.  It's like what Ghandi said: "The world is so hungry for God that God could only come as a piece of bread.  We so long for joy that God even risked coming into the world in the form of intoxication, that risky thing called wine.

"Some time back, I heard someone say the Bible isn't simply a book that tells us what to do; it's also a story that tells us who we are.  Maybe that's why the liturgy moved me last Sunday. It took me on a guided journey in which I was reminded of who I am, where I came from, how things have gotten so out of whack in this world, how God intervened, and how history is going to end.  For so long now I've felt dislocated, and the liturgy helped relocate me.  I'm not a character in search of an Author; I have a story."

Chasing Francis, p. 99-100
Ian Morgan Cron

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