{pretty, happy, funny, real} birthday edition

Friday, July 12, 2013

My favorite family blog is Like Mother, Like Daughter.  It is primarily written by the mother of seven adult children, who talks often about creating an emotional, spiritual, and educational safe haven for your family.  I love hearing the perspective of someone who did not limp across the finish line.  After all these years, she remains passionate about her vocation.  Anyway, over at LMLD they host a carnival called {pretty, happy, funny, real}.  This week I thought I would play along.  


Yesterday was my 35th birthday.  So far, 35 feels pretty good!  I celebrated with fish tacos, delicious cupcakes, and dear friends.  It was the happiest birthday I have had in a long time.  And I just loved the bright confetti against the white frosting.    


My dear friend from Seattle (in the black shirt) and me

One of my favorite friends is visiting from Seattle this weekend.  It has been a few years since we've had time together, and I am so glad to see her.  She, my best friend (who moved with us across the country four months ago), and I are all cut from the same cloth.  I just love time with them - even when it is spent trying to keep my children from scuttling down cliffs. 

Who takes their toddler hiking and forgets her shoes?  I do.


My toddler girl cracks me up.  She is two years old, and can ride her five-year-old brother's bike without help.

Her older brothers could not even pedal a tricycle until they were over three.  The girl amazes me!  She is completely fearless (unless you're talking about butterflies or ground beef, which both terrify her).  I imagine her as a young adult, jumping from airplanes or writing novels or doing whatever daring thing she sets her mind to do, and saying to those around her, "I've got three brothers!  I'm not afraid of this!"  


You may have noticed I wrote a post earlier this week and then took it down. 

Life is almost never linear.  There are layers and complexities and subplots and very often, we don't know our own hearts well enough to talk about more than what is on the surface anyway.  This is where I find myself when I try to talk about marriage.  I have a story to tell, and it is important to tell it.  But I will need your grace.  There will be bursts and stops, I will almost always begin in the middle, and it may take me several tries to get it right.  I ask for your patience.  But don't worry.  This story has a happy ending.  Because oh, how I love this man.

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