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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's time again for 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.  You can follow along here.  

- 1 - 

On Wednesday, my husband rode his bike again for the first time since his accident.  

One of the few clear conversations we had while he was in the hospital was about fear.  In those first days, we heard several comments (half-joking, but intended) like, "Well I guess you won't be doing that again."  But in our family we value risk.  Worse than failing, worse than injury or ruin, is the idea that you would forfeit an important opportunity out of fear.  When making decisions, we often say to one another, "I would rather fall flat on my face running forward, than fall on my butt backing up."   We both felt strongly that riding again (while following medical advice and safety precautions - risk does not equate to recklessness) was important for him, and important for our children to witness.  I was proud to be out at the bike park with him on Wednesday, and to see my son and him riding together again.  It was a good, good day.  

- 2 - 

My in-laws have been with us this past week.  They were here for my second son's birthday and my baby boy's baptism last weekend, and have spent the week thoroughly spoiling us all with big kid beds for the kids, dinners out, and new toys.  We have had a great time.  However, now that I am looking ahead to our schedule past their visit, I see on my horizon a pretty serious Special Treat Hangover for  my kids.  After a week of irregular naps, gifts every day, and free-flowing bubble gum, nobody is going to like expectations and routine again (or me, as I will be the bearer of them).   If you have any tips on handling your children's fall-out, send them to me.  I will need all the help I can get in the next few days.

- 3 - 

In addition to having his parents in town, riding his bike again, building bunk beds, and all of the other weekly festivities, yesterday my husband was offered a job!

We moved 1500 miles, from the Deep South to Denver, Colorado, in March.  We made the decision to move two years ago, and my husband spent the twenty months in between applying for jobs in Denver.  However, because of his specific field, he could not be seriously considered as a candidate until he was a resident (we later found out that in general Coloradans take this approach, because so many people want to live here).  So we cashed out our assets and moved without jobs.  Two months after we arrived, he was seriously injured and unable to work until, well, now.  And now ... he has a job!  I'm excited he will be able to continue in his field, and that he will have a sense of focus and purpose again.  Hooray!

- 4 - 

When you are googling "bedtime battle two years old" at 10 p.m., your child screeching on the other side of the door, you know that you are in trouble.  My little girl has chosen bedtime as the hill she is willing to die on.  And honestly?  She is winning.  

Do you have any good advice for getting toddlers to stay in their beds?  And please don't tell me to be consistent.  I know how important consistency is for two-year-olds, but with the addition of each child, it is harder and harder to pull off.  More accurately, many times I have to decide with whom I will be consistent.  When the baby is wailing to be nursed, the middle son is jumping from bed to bed, the oldest is yelling at everyone to be quiet, the toddler is doing headstands over her headboard, and it's all happening in the same room ... where do you even begin?

Obviously I need some help.  

- 5 -  

I had the funniest experience recently.  Last week I looked in several stores for a new skirt, with a specific style and color in mind, but never found it.  Yesterday, I opened a box of pre-pregnancy clothes and discovered I already owned that exact skirt.  I have no idea how it got there.  I don't remember buying it, and I don't remember any of my friends passing it along to me.  The box was packed last summer, when I was too pregnant to wear most of my summer clothes.  If anyone reading this gave me a black skirt last summer, thank you!  You have good taste.  

- 6 - 

My father-in-law brought home this cup a few days ago:

Yes, it's true.  With a donut in each hand anything is possible - for about 30 minutes.  After that, you will be so drained and lethargic you will question your ability to go on.  But for those thirty minutes, watch out.  You'll be on fire.

- 7 - 

We don't get many family pictures.  This is mostly because I am a lazy memory preserver, and prefer to let the children free range during special events, rather than trying to pin them all down and get them to look at the camera simultaneously.  But with grandparents here, we did manage one good shot while hiking last weekend.  I love this picture.  Two out of four isn't bad, eh?

What about you?  Ever find the outfit you wanted to buy already in your possession?  Got any realistic tips for toddlers and bedtime in large families?  Any advice on how to survive the fall-out?  Based on my children's behavior since I started writing this, I'm seriously going to need it.  

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  1. I love these 7 Quick takes posts. All the more so during such a week of celebrations! Yippee for biking riding, baptisms, new job!, and grandparent visits.
    No grand advice for the fall-out, except to say that I hope Brian has another week before his job starts so you don't have to navigate it solo. Let us know how it goes. :)
    But seriously, the job is so HUGE - what a gigantic milestone for your family on this adventure. Much love to you all as you take this big turn.



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