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Monday, June 3, 2013

Jen Fulweiler's Conversion Diary is one of my favorite blogs.  She is humble, funny, and insightful, and she somehow manages to complete a thought while birthing and raising lots of children.  She also hosts 7 Quick Takes.  They are little thoughts or pieces of life that are too small to be their own post, but are still worth sharing.  I don't know if I'll join in every week, but this week it sounded like fun.

- 1 -

Did you read Jen Hatmaker's post on The Worst End of School Year Mom Ever?  I laugh every time I think about it.  My favorite lines are, "Then Ben tells me Tuesday that he needs a Ben Franklin costume for the Living History Museum today, and I’m like what fresh hell is this??" and "'Mom, I should've picked a black character.  Like Abraham Lincoln.'  Bless it.

- 2 - 

One of my dearest friends has been in her local news recently.  She organized a time of prayer for the inclusion of gay and lesbian believers during the North Alabama UMC Annual Conference (where she is a pastor).  You can see part of the press coverage here.   I love this story because I have known her since we were toddlers, and all of her life, she has been speaking against injustice.  I keep picturing her in the fourth grade, hand on her hip, setting someone straight.  Her life's work seems to include righting wrongs, and I love seeing her carry that out.

- 3 - 

My baby is seven months old, which means I have recently needed in-between jeans.  Unwilling to pay real money for clothes I will only wear a few months, I found a pair at a thrift store shortly after we moved.  Recently, I discovered this:

The previous owners left notes on the inside pocket.  I love it.  This picture embodies what I love about Colorado.  There's a kind of embracing of all of life, regardless of how ordinary or even uncomfortable something is.  In other areas, people may have not have relished buying secondhand jeans.  Here, it's celebrated.  "Hey, these are great jeans.  You're going to look good in them."  I love this place.

- 4 -   

On Facebook and Instagram, I always see pictures of my friends' children on an outing, all sitting calmly and smiling at the camera.  Whenever I try to get a picture of my kids on an outing, inevitably it turns out like this:

Buzz Lightyear's rear-end sticking out of the top of the stroller really captures the moment, don't you think?

- 5 - 

As most of you know, we recently moved from the Deep South to the greater Denver area.  Surprisingly, my tastes in food, among other things, have changed since moving here.  Lately I love raspberries.  My children typically enjoy almost any fruit, but only the toddler has picked up my raspberry habit.  My four-year-old said, "They smell like candy, and they taste like dirt."  Fair enough.

- 6 - 

Last week I did something I have never done before.  I got a tattoo!

Love is always a risk, and a choice.  In several different areas of my life, I have recently had to decide if it was a risk I was willing to take.  The tattoo marks my decision.  Regardless of the outcome, love is always work the risk.  

- 7 - 

My experience of getting a tattoo was not the same as it would have been if I was in a different stage in life.  My best friend and I went together, in the middle of a Monday afternoon.  I researched the best local artist, made an appointment, and asked for price quotes up front.  While making the appointment I was careful to ask how long it would take, because my childcare would run out and my friend had a business meeting later that afternoon.  My biggest concern was not about the pain, but about spending money.  This is how thirty-somethings get tattoos, friends.  

Seven Quick Takes are usually posted on Fridays.  I'm putting mine together Monday evening.  For me, that's pretty much on time.


  1. You got it!!! Yay! It looks awesome!

  2. oh geez, watching Stephanie made me cry


    that end of the school year mom thing was high-larious. I know that feel.

    - janet

  3. Looovvvee the tattoo! Nothing like a little fresh ink.



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